Diamonds are the hardest of all elements known to mankind. It takes true dedication to find the right pieces of earth, from which emerges a beautiful raw diamond. An uncut beauty in its own right, it then goes through various processes.

We believe in being the fore-runners for use of science to create a thing of astounding beauty. Much of our company's resource is dedicated towards research and development for continued improvement and perfection in our processes and operations.

We work with experts from globally acknowledged institutes such as Indian Diamond Institute and few others to keep a close control over the technical and aesthetics of our products. We do not just bring the promise of premier quality, we present it in our products coupled with the prime features of a beautiful diamond - the colour, the cut and the candescence.


Davariya Brothers comes to you with a promise of chaste and faithful beauty, a shine that will never fade and a shape that glorifies your presence. We have a diamond for your every sentiment...

We provide world-class diamonds and diamond products created by some of the most respected diamond artists in the world. We bring to you an incredible mix of science and art to create your most prized possessions exactly as you dreamt them to be.